Gourmet Muffins/Loaves

Poppies New Apple Pie Bread 15" Loaf! Abolutely to die for! Chocked full of fresh granny smith apples and cinnamon. Not to be missed, A must for fall.

Poppie's melt-in-your-mouth muffins and loaves are a customer favorite!

Available fresh-baked or frozen in a plethora of sumptuous flavors, as well as seasonal, low fat, gluten free, and vegan varieties.




Example Muffin Flavors

-Apple Cinnamon Peacan

-Banana Nut


-Chocolate Chip

-Chunky Apple Cobbler 

-Cream Cheese

-Low Fat Apple Bran 

-Low Fat Lemon Poppyseed 

-Pumpkin Spice

-Strawberry Cream Cheese 

-Cheddar Corn Bread





Example Loaf Flavors

-Banana Nut


-Morming Sunshine

-Date Nut

-Lemon Poppy

-Lemon Cranberry

-Cream Cheese Pound Cake

-Sour Cream Coffee Streusel

-Zucchini Chocolate Chip


Super Seeded Energy Loaf

Super Seeded Energy Loaf with fresh apples, dates, sunflower, flax, and chia seeds. 


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