Brownies and Bars

Frozen case of 4 - 1/4 sheets of Fantastic Chocolate Chips and Chunks Brownies. Keep frozen and pull out for those last minute meetings or events. So convenient to keep on hand.



Our gourmet brownies and bars are made-from-scratch in over 36 decadent, and delicious flavors. Available in 1/4 sheets, 1/2 sheets individually wrapped, or frozen by the case, these treats are a perfect fit for any crowd or occassion. 


Example Flavors: 

-Chocolate Chip Fudgey Brownie 

-Walnut Brownie

-Cheesecake Brownie and Cheesecake Bars

-Peanut Butter Brownie 

-Peanut Butter Chocolate Ganache Brownie

-Turtle Caramel Pecan Brownie

-Blondie and Butterscotch Blondie

-Coconut Macaroon Bar

-7 Layer Bar

-Rock Road Bar

-Pecan Pie Bar 

-Chocolate Pecan Bar

-Caramel Apple Bar

-Apple Crumb Bar

-Lemon Bar

-Gogi Berry Bar

-Rasberry Bar

-Carmilita Bar

-Pumpkin Pie Bar

-Rice Crispie Treats

-Peanut Butter Rice Crispie Treats

....And many more!


Brownies and Bars

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