Taste A Little Holiday Happiness Part 1: Yule Love It!

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Dating back to the 17th Century, the Yule log is not only rich in flavor, but history. And you’re just in time! Back then it was a huge block of firewood that lasted for twelve days. You guessed it, Twelve Days of Christmas. However, you didn’t burn it completely the first year, it was saved for the following year’s log. (I guess we should have learned from our ancestors about recycling, eh?)

Painting of the Yule Log being brought in at Hever Castle by Robert Alexander Hillingford.

The burnt wood was kept to ward off bad luck, poor health and other misfortunes and some countries believed it carried magical powers.

I guess becoming a cake could be magical, right? Well as time went on the log became smaller as humanity developed into housing and burning fires into smaller spaces. Smaller spaces developed ovens more ideal for well, baking cakes. After all, you’d probably burn your house down if you tried to burn that sucker inside.

The Yule Log is traditionally decorated with meringue mushrooms and poinsettia sugar flowers, all of which are hand made by our artisan pastry chefs.

Who made the first yule log? No one knows but with marzipan and meringue being available as early as the 1600’s as well as sponge cake, this beauty has been around for quite some time. It grew its popularity in the 19th century and here at Poppies, we’ve made a lot of breakthroughs in creating the best of the best for you and your clients. From the exquisite meringue mushroom decor, decadent, sweet and creamy hazelnut buttercream and delightful design you’ll be more than thrilled to share the story of the yule log over a slice of ours. You know Yule Love it. (See what we did there? We’re so witty around here. No really, you will love it).

Make your next holiday party, luncheon, or even your next meeting extra special with a Yule log from Poppies Dough and taste some freshly made, hand-mixed, hand-rolled, hand-decorated, fresh baked Holiday Happiness.

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