It’s sweet being green on Saint Patrick’s Day

Time to make the donuts! Ready to make your Saint Paddy’s morning special? Indulge in our new Saint Patrick’s Day donuts! Filled with mint Bavarian cream and hand decorated with festive plaid and shamrocks, this delightful donut will make the start to any day great. Grab them by the dozen,  you know they’ll go fast!

Donuts not your thing? Donot worry! (Get it?) We have you set for all of your festivities whether you’d like a simple treat at home or treat the office.

Feeling lucky? Crack open one of our shamrock fortune cookies dipped in white chocolate and decorated with shamrock sprinkles. And who doesn’t love Lucky Charms? Bring out the kid in you and enjoy our Lucky Charms marshmallow bar, guaranteed to make your friends green with envy wishing they had a slice.

Feeling fancy? Try our Baileys’ Irish Cream cheesecake. You heard right! A delicious cookie crust topped with Bailey’s spiked cheesecake and Belgium chocolate ganache will be the pot of gold at the end of your party’s rainbow. Shoot, get one for yourself! Saint Patrick’s Day only comes around once a year and what’s Saint Patrick’s Day without a little Bailey’s?

Speaking of Saint Patrick, (Shout out to him for all of the festivities), he is the patron saint of Ireland and every year on March 17th, the date of his death,  a cultural and religious celebration is held.  It was officially made a Christian Feast day in the early 17th century and it commemorates Saint Patrick and the arrival of Christianity in Ireland.  Man have things changed since then. There are formal gatherings and banquets but the biggin is the parades. St Patrick’s Day parades began in North America in the 18th century but believe it or not, they did not reach Ireland until the 20th. Some Christians attend church services and good news everyone! Lenten restrictions on eating and drinking alcohol are lifted for the day (cough Bailey’s cheesecake).  This is probably because of how whiskey plays a role in the celebrations. There is a custom called “drowning the shamrock” which was popular in Ireland where at the end of celebrations, a shamrock was placed into the bottom of a cup and was then filled with whiskey. It was then drunk as a toast to not only St. Patrick but to Ireland and everyone present.  What happens to the shamrock? Well, people would either just swallow it or toss it over their shoulder for good luck. Alcohol kills germs, right? Now look at us! Parades, shamrocks, beads, face paint and green beer everywhere! Don’t forget to stock up on those baked goods. You’ll probably need them to soak up the alcohol and let’s face it, anything goes with whiskey, right?

Poppie’s is the place to be this Saint Patrick’s Day because we’re also rolling out mint chocolate covered sandwich cookies, chocolate ganache tarts with the cutest shamrock stamp on top, cake pops and did I mention the cupcakes? Vanilla or chocolate cupcakes topped with green mint buttercream and half of a sandwich cookie and chocolate drizzle will have everyone doing a jig for more! If anything, your breath will stay fresh with all of this cool mint action. Taste a little happiness this Saint Patrick’s Day.

Interested in ordering Saint Patrick’s Day cookies or other treats, contact us at (312) 949-0404 or email us at

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