Make your heart happy with our classic shortbread cut out cookies!

Step aside candy  hearts. Your cute little sayings may be a Valentine’s Day staple but our happy little hearts will make your heart smile and your taste buds flutter with delight.

Our classic shortbread and royal icing hand-decorations are designed to warm your heart during these extreme cold winter months. (How ‘bout it huh? Will it EVER end??) Who doesn’t want a happy cookie with their coffee or hot cocoa after trudging in from their car in -7 degree weather? Look at them though, they’re so happy to see you!

Looking for some more fun? Check out our sparkly lips or a game of tic-tac-toe. Either way these made-from-scratch, hand-decorated, flavorful, fun treats will even draw the attention of Cupid’s arrow.

Speaking of Cupid, you know how much we love to teach you a little bit of history while you’re here. He is the God of love, attraction and affection and the son of love goddess Venus. After all, you will LOVE these shortbread sweets so it is pretty fitting. What’s even more fitting? Cupid’s bow and arrow is supposed to resemble the human lip, so stock up on our sparkly lip cookies while you’re at it. It’s history folks! After all, Cupid would not be the same without his bow and Valentine’s Day would not be the same without Cupid. Ergo, your Valentine’s Day will not be the same without our sweet little shortbreads.

Interested in ordering some of our delectable shortbread cut outs?  Our Valentine’s Assorted Tray has a variety of different holiday cookies, click here to order. Interested in a custom order or wholesale, then our customer service would be happy to help you, please contact us at (312) 949-0404 or email us at

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