It’s not Fat Tuesday without Paczki

It’s not just a Polish donut. Really. It’s so much more. Ok, it looks like a bismarck. Maybe it tastes like one. But the paczki is so much more.

Paczki Day is one of the best holidays. It’s a food holiday, why wouldn’t it be? And think about where we are. Chicago is one of the highest Polish populated cities in the United States so it’s no wonder this is highly celebrated this time of year. What makes a paczki so unique?

Okay okay they do like donuts. They are deep-fried pieces of dough shaped into spheres with fruit  or creme fillings and topped with glaze or powdered sugar. But, the dough usually contains a small amount of of Spiritus. Because it’s not polish without vodka, right? It does have a purpose. It prevents the oil from absorbing into the dough. And well, it probably wouldn’t be polish without vodka.

Paczki are eaten on Fat Tuesday, or Shrove Tuesday, in Poland. It originally began as a way to use up all of the lard, sugar, eggs and fruit in the house before lent knowing these things could not be eaten while fasting. And the rest, is history.

Lines form out the door in bakeries across the midwest for this little puffs of greatness and we know you’ll want to Taste a Little Paczki Happiness this year. While we’ve maintained the classic flavors such as prune and apricot, make way for Nutella and peanut butter, strawberry and cream cheese and so much more!

Interested in ordering Paczki contact us at (312) 949-0404 or email us at

Orders must be placed by Thursday, February 8th by 5 PM. 


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