Decorating your Easter table with Edible Desserts


Carrot Cut Out


Nothing announces the arrival of spring better than the Easter holiday season, and considering the historically cold winter we just weathered, that arrival should be greated with blaring trumpets, flying banners, and pure unadulterated celebration.  Of course, trumpets and banners can be in short supply on such short notice, so why not make your formal Easter celebration colorful, charming, and fun with Poppie’s Dough Easter products instead?

Easter Egg Cake

Easter brings forth comforting memories of budding flowers, Easter egg hunts, as well as delicious and jovial decorations.  And what better way to make your festive Easter table one worth remembering than to create a centerpiece so vibrant you will feel guilty eating it, yet so delicious that you would have no choice but to devour every last crumb.  Our Easter Cookie Tray Medium comes with 66 pieces of delicious shortbread, Poppies Soft Baked Cookies, chocolate dipped Oreos, and mini eggs.  With delightful cookies lovingly shaped as baby chicks, bunny rabbits, and Easter eggs, this cookie tray is sure to liven your Easter celebration.  Or, you can order the 37 piece Easter Cookie Tray and fill up the rest of your Easter table with some of our other holiday products.

Carrot Flower Pot

Other products such as Poppie’s flower pot and carrot cut out cookies, complete with a shortbread rabbit eager to harvest these sugary treats before you have a chance to.  The “dirt” in these cute and delectable edible decorations is made out of Oreo crumb, so once you eat the carrots, you can relish the look of surprise on your family’s face as you begin eating the soil with a grin.  You can find this field of cookie carrots in a small flower pot, or you can get the full Easter basket so the rest of the family can munch on these carrot-shaped sweets.

Mini Easter Eggs

So you have your Easter cookie tray, and your flower pot of shortbread carrots, but every happy and joyful Easter has to have decorated eggs.  And while you could prepare your own eggs and dye them by hand, Poppie’s has a solution that’s a bit less work intensive and a whole lot more delicious.  Poppie’s Easter Egg cakes topped with bright, vibrant frosting is a surefire way to replace boring hard boiled eggs with a sugary, wonderful treat.  You can choose between small chocolate eggs or a full-sized cake in case the whole family wants to share in this indulgent centerpiece.

Easter Lamb Cake

Speaking of centerpieces, Poppie’s lamb cake will surely serve as a fun, delicious addition to any Easter family table.  This adorable cream cheese pound cake with preserve filling can add a fun and personal touch to your Easter experience.  You can even eat the pretty pink bow!  No matter what centerpiece you choose, between the Easter egg cake and the lamb cake, don’t expect your centerpiece to last the whole dinner as a sea of eager diners descend upon them.  No matter what combination of cookies, decorations, and centerpieces you choose, make sure that you use Poppie’s edible Easter decorations to give this spring a happy, joyous, and most of all, delicious start.

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