Celebrate Earth Day with Poppie’s Dough!

This year we honor our planet Earth on Sunday, April 22nd and don’t just celebrate with something sweet, here are some ideas where you can make an impact on our pretty blue planet.

Plastic has become a growing problem and this year the main focus has become ending that problem by 2020 which happens to be the 50thAnniversary of Earth Day. Currently, roughly 300 million tons of plastic are produced each year to make bags, bottles and other containers all over the world. However, only ten percent is recycled and reused.  Plastic pollution is now recognized as a hazard to public health and the human body. The chemicals contained in some plastics used in food and beverage storage can be harmful to your health. So go ahead, splurge on that cute water bottle at Target. It’s for your health after all. Grab some of those re-usable grocery bags. Have trouble forgetting them at home? Leave some in the car! That way you always have them handy for that last-minute, spur of the moment trip to the store.

What else can you do to help save the environment? Save your coffee grounds! It’ll help spruce up your garden as we reach spring and warmer weather. They help get rid of those nasty pests and are high in nitrogen and make a great fertilizer. Who knew?! Plus, growing your own herbs and vegetables is oh so good for you.

You can also save energy by switching to CFL or LED light bulbs. I know, sounds silly but they actually reduce energy by 80 percent!

How about saving your appetite? We can’t go without talking about food. And no, we won’t bore you with organics, we’re talking shortbread. After filling your noggin with the knowledge of plastic-filled landfills and ways to save our marine animals, fill your belly with our sweet, buttery shortbread and show your love for our planet with our hand-cut, hand decorated cutouts and edible images. These sweet treats will re-kindle your relationship for the Big Blue and help you do a little good this Earth Day and Taste a Little Happiness.

Interested in ordering Earth Day Cookies or other treats, contact us at (312) 949-0404 or email us at customerservice@poppiesdough.com.

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Cara says:
Apr 23, 2018

Love your article except for the part about switching to CFL or LED bulbs. While they use less power they emit very toxic “dirty” electricity, not good for anyone’s health. Mercury is emitted via pulsing radiation which effects the central nervous system. Please do your research, peace!

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