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Taste Some Holiday Happiness Part 2: Biscotti is Twice as Nice »

The word biscotti originates from the word biscotus meaning twice-baked and they were actually made as a non-perishable baked good in Italy. What does this mean? They were twice baked so they could be very dry and…

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Taste A Little Holiday Happiness Part 1: Yule Love It! »

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Dating back to the 17th Century, the Yule log is not only rich in flavor, but history. And you’re just in time! Back then it was a huge block of firewood that lasted for twelve days….

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Holiday Sweetness From Poppies »

The Holiday Season is upon us, which means warm tidings, good cheer, and freshly baked cookies crafted with the express purpose of reminding your family that the Holiday season is upon us, which means warm tidings and good cheer.  Yes, nothing brings a family together like a fresh batch of butter Shortbread cookies in…

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