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Celebrate Summer with Poppie’s Tropical Cookies »

We made it, it’s finally summertime! Time to kick back with the sun, sand and a drink.. I mean cookie in your hand. That’s right, experience the flavors of summer in a cookie and well, have a drink too if you’d like.

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Taste a Little Happiness on Easter. »

Hop into spring with our new spring candy crunch! It may not feel or look like spring outside but our delightful fresh baked (or grab it frozen!) treat will put a spring in your step and…

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Holiday Sweetness From Poppies »

The Holiday Season is upon us, which means warm tidings, good cheer, and freshly baked cookies crafted with the express purpose of reminding your family that the Holiday season is upon us, which means warm tidings and good cheer.  Yes, nothing brings a family together like a fresh batch of butter Shortbread cookies in…

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Best Ever Bread Pudding »


Being purveyors of fine baked goods, we are intrinsically obsessed with dessert.

In fact, we believe that the only thing better than a delicious dessert pastry, is one you can enjoy for breakfast…

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In Support of Scones »

Pumpkin Scones

We’ve all fallen victim to a sub-standard scone:  tough, dry little hockey pucks, barely worth the effort of buttering. In fact, if we’re being realistic, most of the scones you find in cafes and…

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