Taste Some Holiday Happiness Part 2: Biscotti is Twice as Nice

The word biscotti originates from the word biscotus meaning twice-baked and they were actually made as a non-perishable baked good in Italy. What does this mean? They were twice baked so they could be very dry and stored for long periods of time. You better stock up though because our peppermint biscotti aren’t what they use to be and won’t be lasting long.

Hand made, twice-baked authentic gourmet almond and double walnut biscotti now dipped in decadent dark or white chocolate topped with crushed, cool and refreshing peppermint will bring the holidays into any environment. Give your employees a little treat with their morning coffee, ask us to bag and bow them for a special gift after a luncheon, party or keep them handy in your cafeteria for a delicious dessert.

And it doesn’t stop there! Tighten your bootstraps Italia (see what we did there?). We have cranberry pistachio to throw into the mix. Nothing says the holidays like the sweet tartness of cranberry mixed with pistachios twice baked and dipped in white or dark chocolate. Perfect for your morning coffee or dessert. Let our peppermint biscotti help you taste a little holiday happiness in your home, office or your next catering event.

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or for wholesale call customer service at (312) 949-0404 or email them at customerservice@poppiesdough.com

Also try our Double Chocolate Walnut Biscotti plain.

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