2 New Valentine Gourmet Cookie Doughs

Milk Chocolate Kiss Cookie Dough

With Valentine’s Day rapidly approaching, a lot of us might start to feel a slight panic as we try to figure out the best way to celebrate with that special someone.  There’s one addition that will always improve any Valentine’s Day —gooey, delicious cookies right out of the oven.  After all, no matter how great your Special Day is going, who can resist a fresh batch of warm, melt-in-your-mouth cookies?  That’s why we’ve added 2 new flavors of Gourmet Cookie Dough just for Valentine’s Day—Poppie’s Milk Chocolate Kisses Gourmet Cookie Dough and Valentine Candy Crunch Gourmet Cookie Dough available in 18 pound pails and 20 pound pre-portioned cases for food service customers.  This Gourmet Cookie Dough will be sure to give your clients and customers a delicious way to “Taste A Little Happiness” come February 14th.  Our retail customers can taste the happiness as well, as we are offering a special two pound retail pail of our 2 new Valentine Gourmet Cookie Doughs through our website.

Milk Chocolate Kiss Cookie Dough

Just look at that delicious dough bursting forth, begging to be part of a memorable Valentine’s Day.  This quality gourmet cookie dough uses all natural ingredients and is made by hand in small batches.  No need to get messy in order to bake delicious homemade cookies.  Just scoop out a dollop of our delicious cookie dough (or save yourself the trouble by ordering the pre-portioned 20 pound option), put the dough on a sheet pan, pop the pan into the oven, and you’ve got warm, fresh, “Who cares if it’s cold outside I’m about to eat some delicious melty milk chocolate kiss” cookies in minutes!

Valentine M&M

Cookies laden with Candies red, pink, and white, might melt in your mouth and not in your hands, but we’re also offering our Candy Crunch Gourmet Cookie Dough for those lovebird customers out there looking for a brighter, more colorful cookie on their special day.  Choosing to buy Poppies Dough offers an easy, delicious way to give your customers and clients something to celebrate Valentine’s Day with, because who can say no to freshly baked cookies on a special occasion?

There’s no better gift for your clients and customers than by stocking up on 20 pound pre-portioned cases and 18 pound pails of our delicious cookie dough to help spread deliciousness this Valentine’s Day.  This Valentine’s Day, “Taste a Little Happiness” with our newest Poppie’s Cookie Doughs.  So click here and order your 2  Valentine Cookie Doughs from Poppie’s today!

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